Sperm Donor vs. Father (For All of the Depressed Moms)

There is a very simple Litmus Test to find out if you engaged a real man/father or just a sperm donor. Let’s compare and contrast the two;

Sperm Donor

  • Has no knowledge of children’s birthdates
  • Has no idea of children’s social security number
  • Misses birthdays and graduations
  • Calls children maybe once a year
  • Has no relationship with his children at all.

Real Man/Father

  • Know all birthdates of his children
  • Has social security numbers and even an insurance policy on his children
  • Never misses a birthday or graduation
  • Calls his children regularly
  • Has a strong relationship with his children

This is just food for thought. A lot of mothers spend a lot of time crying over sperm donors. Mothers get treated for your depression and move on with your life. You can not make a sperm donor a father or a man! Readers what are your thoughts? Does this blog make sense or should it be trashed?

Enough Said!

If you engaged a sperm donor, go to://www.drowensmd.com/index.php?option=com_php&Itemid=7

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