The BP Oil Spill, Barack Obama and Depression In the Gulf

I have been trying to hold-off on political rant but now I must speak. We are in Day #50 of the BP Oil Spill and some Americans want to focus on how fast and when President Obama responded.  Next he used a little bit of  “hot” language. Now many people don’t feel like that this language (an expression of his frustration) was appropriate. However, I am confused! When he did not speak-up he wasn’t being responsive. Now that he has added a little bit of flavor to his language , we want to grade his conduct. Oh hell  (my word of frustration with this BP situation) America, what do you want this man to do? Let’s clear-up one dag-blasted thing for the media. Mr.Obama is the President of the United States and not an oil man. (hint hint)  He has done more in his short-time in office to re-connect with the American people since President Bill Clinton. I am sick and tired of everyone blaming this man for the disaster in the Gulf. Guess what BP has lied, covered-up and spilled oil continuously for the last 50 days and we barely know the name of the company’s CEO.  Put them on front street and let’s hear thier response. Hide and Seek is what I call  the game at this time. CNN , No! Barack Obama does not have to call the CEO of BP. The CEO should call him. Enough said!

President Obama continue to forge new frontiers. Forget the liars and the sooth-sayers they just don’t like you period. Continue to ask intelligent questions and continue to demand accountability. This man’s process-logic has worked to began dealing with  many of our economic ills and healthcare reform, as well. It is amazing how all of his accomplishments simply go down the drain, when he is not responding the way that some of us think he should respond. Yes, it is day #50 and guess what the BP executives are still responsible. The Presdent is about to make his fourth trip to the Gulf. This President is leading the team and doing a great job.  Are any of the BP executives in jail yet?   I wonder why? The ecosystem in the Gulf is dead and we all now who the murderers are and it is not Barack Obama.

Now let me provide a little insight to a much  more serious problem. This problem is closer to my field of medicine, Psychiatry.  Depression and Suicide have both  attacked the Gulf.   Both diseases have increased in prevalence over the last several months in the blue water. Also, relationships and marriages are now being challenged. Many people can not pay thier mortgages and many men can not provide for their families.  This is a sign of serious trouble. We are on the brink of another possible epidemic.

Once again poor New Orleans is in crisis.  Alabama, already poverty sticken , is in trouble also. I am also very concerned about the long-term sequelae of this man-made disaster. Will the affected states be able to recover from the losts that are being experienced during their peak season? Will the families be able to recoup finance through insurance claims or other govermental sources? Just what will happen to the group of people now impacted by this ongoing oil spill. Will BP pay-up? Probably not!

If you are in any of the impacted  areas in the Gulf, go to://

Now readers, do you think that President Obama is handling this crisis correctly? Please let me hear from you….

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