Tigers Woods and Al Gore both taking the Nestea Plunge, Divorce( The ultimate relationship failure)


How does America now see Divorce? Is it some dreadful thing that will most probably happen to 50% of all newly married couples or is it in someways preventable?

In my opinion, many people are marrying for the wrong reason. If the initial impetus for marriage is “True Love,” then the relationship will stand the test of times. It seems as if the monster, divorce, is so common that many people are afraid to marry. In Tiger’s case, he has deep seated issues. He is not sure of his color or ethnicity in my opinion. He confessed openly concerning an addiction, but what about your depression brother. That has been swept under the rug totally.

Now Al and Tipper say that there is no affair. Well maybe Al’s affair with Mother Earth is an issue. I am not buying the “we just grew apart” scenario. There is more to this puzzle and the speculations are now flying-high. Of course, we will review each partners sexuality in detail, later because there are vulnerabilities in all of us.  This certainly will be explored by the media. However, is it possible to grow apart after 40 years. In my opinion, after 40 years the character has grown on you therefore it would take “clear and convincing evidence” to part ways.

So faithful readers, lets not put faith in America’s Most Visible Marriages. Let’s go back and focus on old fashioned family values and this will hopefully stregthen the marriages of tommorrow.

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