Morehouse Men: UNDAUNTED, a response to the Vibe Magazine’s Article

Dr. O’s Response to Vibe Article titled,  “The Mean Girls of Morehouse.

First off Vibe Magazine editorial staff, “Go to Hell!” I am almost sure that you can find something else to talk about other than the most prestigious college for African-American males in America and abroad. It is no secret that there were a few males that took the dress code for granted several semesters ago.  However President Franklin,  along with the Faculty and Staff of Morehouse College, handled that issue very well over a year and a half  ago. As far as the four young brothers  that you interviewed, I am positive that they are NOT representative of the average Morehouse College  student. I have attended numerous graduations of Morehouse, including my own, and I have never seen a GRADUATE that even vaguely looks like those in your recent article.

I will not give this mess much more of my time, but I will tell you that trying to defame Dear Ole’ Morehouse College, just will not work!  What was the purpose of your article? If it was to get a rise, you got it! However, I am sure you will lose readers and possibly advertisers behind this PR stunt.The institution has dealt with much more. Yes,  you can draw unwarranted  attention to the fact that there are gay students on our campus.  However, if you can  find a college that does not have LGBT students, it is probably closed as we speak. The world is changing and Morehouse College, like others, has to be prepared for all types of students. The mission of the college remains strong! Its Alumni remains dedicated! We, the men of Morehouse shall continue to fight social disparities, practice medicine/dentistry and meet the needs of our communities throughout the diaspora.

Enough Said!


P.S. Find something else to write about that will enhance our communities.

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