KEYS To Success in 2011 (Sunday Morning Series) 2nd Post

Take a health check of your finances....

I have been looking at strategies myself to increase my income potential and continue the growth of my investments, that  already  existence. Yes, readers I am Diversified!  Soledad O’Brien’s CNN Special,” Almighty Debt” was very informative. If you did not have the opportunity to see the 2 hour special, please get the podcast as soon as possible.  The most important point that I would like to reference is , “Most of us are Middle Class by Income-Only!” Wow, if this statement is in fact truth. What I think the economist was trying to say is that, “Most of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck” even in the middle class.” How long could you survive is you lost your job on tommorrow? How much money do you have saved? How much investment income do you have?

Strategy II: Education, Evaluation, Reading, Implementing and Changing

We all need to evaluate our skill sets and further our education and or training if there is a need.  The next step in evaluating our current startegies for money management and investing.  After this, we need to read at least one article weekly about stocks, bonds, and money strategies. Then we should implement what we read into our weekly, monthly and daily plans. Then we need to change. That is simply continuing the good things we start over time. A number of us need to re-invent ourselves for 2011.

Money in Review:

Week One, Strategy I:Live within your means

Do the first two strategies make sense to you? Are the tips being presented helpful for you? Do you have outstanding checks at this time? (blounced-checks) Is your budget a problems for you? Is there a specific topic you want covered? Let us hear from you here are!

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