A Single Mother Thanks Her Son

Testimony from a Single Mother raising an Adolescent Son

Read the heartfelt letter that a single mother wrote to her son, on the reasons she’s thankful for having him in her life. Please enter the discussion forum at the end of the post to share your views on single parenthood.

Dear son,

I want thank you for being you,

for being the good kid that every single mother deserves,

for not being disrespectful,

for understanding what it means when mom says, “There’s not enough money for that,”

for not giving in to the temptation from the streets, (even though they are still calling),

for maintaining good grades, even if you have to do it by yourself sometimes,

Thank you son for everything, despite the obstacles we have faced together as a single mother and child.


A Single Mother


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The Challenges of Raising an African American Male Child

Discussion topics:

  • Dealing with the question- “Where is my father?”
  • Dealing with the question- “Why doesn’t he love me?”
  • Dealing with the question-“When is he coming to visit?”
  • Teaching our sons how to do “male” things.
  • Dealing with the temptations from the streets.
  • The difficulty with being both mother and father.
  • Assisting our sons with puberty issues.
  • Finding a good support system.

What are your challenges?

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