New Reality Show for Gay Men Hits Blogosphere!

An EXPLOSIVE new show is set to hit the airwaves! “The Life: Atlanta” is a reality show following six gay, bisexual, or down-low men in the “circle” of Atlanta. The men all seem to be successful and the format resembles a gay male….Real Housewives of Atlanta. The show does not have an air date or network yet, but the trailer has been traveling around the internet. I’m waiting to see if and when this show will be picked up…I’m sure this will cause quite a stir on the Atlanta scene. I’m just trying to imagine a gay male version of Nene…BLOOP!

The show follows the lives of:

  • Al the “Superstar”
  • Donte the “Moneymaker”
  • Terrance the “Mayor of Atlanta”
  • Will “Mr. Socialite
  • J Will “Mr. Unpredictable”
  • Dr. George Smith the “New Face of Atlanta”

Watch the Trailer Here!

After watching the trailer tell me what you think in the comment section.

Do you think gay black men need this show as an outlet? Or is it too stereotypical?


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