Pants on the Floor? Bishop Jonathan Alvarado

Well yet another Mega-Church-Atlanta Scandal! Here is the thing, can we all just embrace our sexualities and leave these people’s children alone? I don’t know if this is correct grammar or not but enough is enough. However, it is my hope that this investigation yields no truth.  If true, there will be a little more than a quiet settlement in a non-disclosed place in Atlanta. This investigation could yield serious jail time for Bishop Alvarado.

Now I always get a little suspicious when former and or disgruntled members “spill the beans.”  However, when they were pretty close to the fire you have to take a moment, breath and process just what they are saying. Here are the facts so far:

  1. Pastor Shaun King, who pastors an openly gay church in Atlanta, has worked in close proximity to Bishop Alvarado
  2. The investigation is NOT formal at this time. It is an informal investigation.
  3. The DeKalb County Public Defender is in charge of the informal queries.
  4. The issue is questionable inappropriate sexual contact between Bishop Alvarado and underage children.
  5. It’s a media frenzy.

Now we all have to give Bishop Alvarado the benefit of the doubt.  Would he be that stupid to commit such acts. I am inclined to believe no. However, where there is smoke there is usually fire of some sort. I really can’t call this one just yet.  I do know this much, we must pray for the church. The church is in a scandalous uproar. However, here are a couple of things to look for before choosing your next Pastor;

  • Is he pumped-up and arrogant?
  • Does he maintain a trail of male adjutants, armor-bearers or deacons around him?
  • Is he an expert on relationships?
  • Is his wife unusually happy?
  • Is the church almost a cult?
  • Does he “Lord” over the members?
  • Finally, are his “pants on the floor.”

So here is the thing, we should not pass judgment just yet on Bishop Alvarado. In essence, innocent until proven guilty. I know that we all want to jump to conclusions but we really should wait on the facts. After all, this is an attack on the church.

Do you think that Bishop Alvarado is Guilty? Should he resign from his church? Should he hire Bishop Long’s lawyers? What is your position on this whole situation? Leave your comments…..

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