Child Rapper Bow Wow FINALLY Confirms Fatherhood

Child star Lil Bow Wow has a child; and apparently she has been around for a while. Bow Wow, born Shad Moss, opened up about his daughter to his fans on his website. Moss said that he did not tell his fans or the media right away about his daughter because he thought it would change their outlook on him.


He went on to say that he would not reveal his daughter’s name or age in order to keep her away from the media. Moss wants to keep his daughter out of the media so that she can have the childhood moments Moss missed out on by getting into the rap game.


“I want her to be able to cheerlead with her lil friends without some a-hole sticking his camera in my lil girl face.”


Moss makes a good point, childhood memories are important and fame can take away real friendships and morals that a regular childhood can offer. Some stars, like Will and Jada Smith chose to throw their children into the spotlight and they have done quite well. But if the world never knew about Willow and Jaden Smith, would their childhood be more memorable, or just different?

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