NYPD Officers Caught Dancing At West Indian Parade

Why does it seem like more and police officers are playing around when they’re supposed to be on duty? Who’s protecting and serving us if they’re parting and having sex while on the job?

From Daily Mail:

The New York Police Department has had to review a video in which two of their officers were filmed bumping and grinding provocatively with dancers at the West Indian Day Parade.

The men in uniform, dressed as NYPD officers, are filmed gyrating their hips behind several women bending down in front of them at the parade in Brooklyn.

The West Indian Day Parade, otherwise known as the Labor Day Parade, is an annual event held on American Labor Day on the first Monday of September.

It takes place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, and attracts between one and three million people each year.

The carnival was originated in Harlem in the 1920s.


From the looks of the photos and videos….people wouldn’t have known what to do if violence had broken out while the officers were grinding.

Do you think these officers should be punished? Or was it just a little fun?

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