Woman Sues Husband For Failing To Have Sex

Sometimes people just aren’t in the mood for sexual intimacy and that’s understandable, but woman has reached the end of the rope with her husband.

A French woman by the name of Monique sued her 51-year-old husband Jean-Louis for 10,000 euros – because he failed to have sex with her for a period of several years during their marriage.

The couple have been married for 21 years and raised two children on the French Riviera.

Jean-Louis’ lawyer claims that the strains of work and illness took a toil on his clients libido.

The judge awarded the woman her money.

Announcing her decision the judge quoted the French civil and penal code, which requires both parties in a marriage to respect ‘lifelong community’ requiring them by law to have sexual relations.

Whereas sexual abstinence in a couple, together with violence and infidelity, are cited regularly in hundreds of divorce claims in France, it is extremely rare for a husband or wife to pay financial damages for specifically failing to satisfy sexually.

Although most couples go through different stages of intimacy this situation is really absurd. I think they should have tried therapy and maybe they could have prevented this lawsuit. Most couples who face years of zero intimacy have bigger issues that need to be worked out.

This settlement will not enable her to get her groove back so I’m not sure what she’s looking for…? I’m wondering how Jean-Louis feels about the amount she equated to sleeping with him as well. You can get sued for almost anything today. When are we going to reach a cutoff?

Do you think that the court should reward judgement in this case? Or is this a personal problem between the couple?


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