How Deep Is Your Love? Man Scours Dump To Find Ring

Next time you think about taking off your wedding or engagement ring….don’t do it.

You could find yourself picking thorough waste at the dump…trying to find the long-lost sign of commitment.

Anna McGuinn was in the shower Sunday October 30 when she asked her husband Brian to put her ring away for her so that she, ironically, wouldn’t lose it down the drain. He took the ring, along with a disposable razor that needed to be thrown out, and the couple went on with their day. 

After checking the local dumpster, Mr. McGuinn had to suit up an get ready to sift through all of the trash at the county dump. Armed with a protective vest, thick gloves and goggles, he headed out to climb the trash mountain in the search for a ring.

After a half-hour of digging he finally found the $10,000 engagement ring and returned it to his pregnant fiancee.

That’s some dedication right there and I’m pretty sure a few of you would have taken the loss.

How far would you go to get your engagement or wedding ring back?

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