19-Year-Old Rapper Starts Male Femininity Movement

How blurred is the line between femininity and masculinity? Some people think that it’s a very straight and narrow path, but one young man is attempting to push the limits.

From The HuffPost:

Daryll Duane Philips, a straight 19-year-old rapper from Dallas who performs under the moniker DPhill Spanglishman, has created the XY Movement, which encourages men to get in touch with their feminine sides by donning lipstick and other items, like floral print tights, typically worn by women reports the33tv.com.

“A lot of people feel like a lot of colors or tight clothes is homosexual. I feel like it’s more of an expression of me,” said Philips, adding, “The only obstacles are in your mind, that’s the way I feel. I had to break down those barriers in my mind to where I was just confident enough to do it.”

And Philips’s girlfriend, Joy Nguyn, is just as confident, even though she hears negative comments all the time.

“I get mostly negative comments, ‘Oh, he gay… That’s not cute. Guys shouldn’t wear lipstick or tights,’ but I really don’t care,” she said, adding, “It’s fine. I wear lipstick. He wears lipstick. We share lipstick.”


Now this is a hot topic, can a man embrace his feminine side and be considered straight? Sound off. Are men who wear tights and lipstick pushing the limits?

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