“Hang Out” With President Obama During Live Video Chat

The President Is Getting Social

In an effort to interact with Americans, President Barack Obama will be hosting a live video chat before he gives The State of The Union address.

Google Inc. announced Monday that Obama will participate in a 45-minute live video chat room known as a “Hangout,” part of the online search giant’s social networking site Google Plus. The chat will take place Monday afternoon, Jan. 30, capping a week of social media engagement the White House is planning around the State of the Union speech.

Google Plus will solicit questions over the video sharing site YouTube, and users will then vote on their favorites. The president will answer some video questions, and will also chat directly with a group of the questioners.

Questions will not be monitored by the White House. Macon Phillips, director of digital strategy at the White House said, “For online engagement to be interesting, it has to be honest, We want to give Americans more control over this conversation and the chance to ask questions they care about.”

I think that having the President participate in social media is a plus; if only because it lets people have their voice heard.

Will you be joining the President during his video chat?

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