The Sad Truth About African-American Deaths

Redd Foxx had diabetes and died of a heart attack at age 68.

“The Sad Truth About African-American Deaths” offers a tribute to famous African-Americans who have died from life-threatening diseases. I thought I’d share this video because far too many of us are “gone too soon.”

White Americans live an average 5 years longer than Black Americans.

The 10 Leading Causes of Death are:

1. Heart disease 6. Homicide
2. Cancer 7. Nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome, and Nephrosis
3. Stroke 8. Chronic lower respiratory disease
4. Unintentional injuries 9. HIV/AIDS  CDC factsheet
5. Diabetes 10. Septicemia

Watch the video tribute to some of our brightest stars who fell victim to some of these diseases:

After watching the video what can we do as a community to bring more awareness about preventable diseases?


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