Surviving a bad relationship may not be easy, but this task has been accomplished by many. After a break-up, you may feel depressed because you could not make your relationship work with the person you love, and you may feel guilty for having left your relationship/marriage if there are children involved, or meddling family members who wanted you and your partner to stay together. If you’ve just exited a relationship that was abusive in any way, remember that you are doing the right thing by having left him/her behind. In the end, this relationship would have resulted in your partner killing you emotionally, mentally, spiritually or, in the worst case, physically.

Now, whatever the reason for your break-up, you will have to work on accepting this new change in your life and letting your partner, your family’s expectation, your guilt, your depression and your doubts GO! 

Survival Tips:

1. Promise yourself that things will be better soon.

2. Seek professional help if you really need it.

3. Self-heal (without the use of drugs, sex or alcohol) by doing things such as attending a service at a place of worship or meditating at home.

4.  Engage in physical exercises such tennis, jogging, biking, swimming, weightlifting, etc., which will release chemicals in your brain to reduce your stress and depression.

5. Eat right! Omega-3 fatty acids, tryptophan, vitamin D, or B vitamins in foods like spinach, milk, salmon, bananas, whole grains, soy, turkey and even chocolate don’t just taste good, but they stimulate the brain and make us physically happy, too.

Remember a Healthy Mind….is essential for a…..Healthy Body!

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