“I Think It’s Time We See Other People…”

  Whether your relationship is an abusive one or just plain bad, when you want to end it:

1.  Make a firm decision to break up with your partner and stick to it!  Failure to do this can lead to feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, and depression because you have not completed what you intended.

2.  Significantly reduce your cell phone interactions with your partner over time. Remember you want the relationship to be over… not to linger over the phone.

3.  Remove his/her pictures from your office, keychain, or home.

4.  Don’t listen to love ballads during the critical break-up period. This may lead to feelings of longing for the “old days” when you and your partner were in love. It may also lead to depression, as love songs may remind you that other people are in love while you are in the middle of breaking off your relationship.

5.  Do NOT participate in make-up sex with your partner during the break-up period. This can lead to further attachment and make it difficult to break off the relationship for good.

6.  There is no need for ANY face-to-face interactions during the break-up period (this includes lunch dates or having dinner together). You may easily begin performing the same routines with this partner until you gradually find yourself right back in a relationship with them!

7.  Return ALL of his/her personal property in a public area. (i.e. a shopping center, at a public park, in a crowded area of town, etc.)

8.  Stop calling his/her parents like you would when you two were together.

9.  Try NOT to fall asleep with your ex on your mind.


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