Top Ten Valentine’s Day Love Songs

Are you looking for a little Valentine’s Day love? Check out my top ten love songs to let your special someone know — you’re feeling it.

1. Love, Need and Want You, Patti LaBelle

2.Valentine, Lloyd

3. Love is Stronger Than Pride, Sade

4. Be Without You, Mary J. Blige

5. Crazy Love, Brian McKnight

6. I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston

7. You Got Me, The Roots Ft. Erykah Badu

8. Weak, SWV

9. The Lady in my Life- Michael Jackson

10. Halo-Beyonce

11. At Last- Etta James

12. Adore-Prince

13. Love of my Life- Brian Mcknight

Ok…..I had to throw some bonus ones in there!


Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!

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