Remembering Donna Summer

Legendary artist, Donna Summer, passed away this morning in her home in Florida.   At age 63, the artist was known as the Queen of Disco!  After battling cancer for some time now, her family confirms that Summer had finally been called on home.

Donna Summer had been in a controversal situation.  The artist allegedly had made an anti-gay statement in reference to AIDS.  The statement made, “AIDS was a punishment from God for the immoral lifestyles of homosexuals” was later denied by the legend.  From there, her career had no where but to go up!  She contiued making music and began appearing in specials.  In 2004, Summer was inducted to the Dance Music Hall of Fame along with one of her popular songs “I Feel Love”.  Donna Summers had come out with her first studio album entitled Crayons in 2008.  This album was full of original material released on Sony BMG label Burgundy Records reaching #17 on the Top 200 Album Chart.

Summer has received many awards and acknowledgements for her music, for it was indeed great!  Let us pay a tribute to Donna Summer by listening to her song “Last Dance” performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2009.


RIP Donna Summer

December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012

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