George Zimmerman’s Medical Report RELEASED!

According to the medical report of George Zimmerman, the self proclaimed neighborhood watch, Zimmerman, did have cuts on the back of his head and black eyes.  However, this information was taken the next day after the shooting, not the night of!  So, question one in my head is how do we know that Trayvon was the one who hit and cut Zimmerman?

There is a law that states that one can only use equal amounts of force to defend themselves.  Meaning that if Trayvon had a knife, then Zimmerman can pick up a knife to defend himself.  In contrast, if Trayvon had no weapons, only his body parts, then Zimmerman cannot pick up a gun!  It is not equal force to Trayvon!  Many people seem to misconstrue Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law and forget that regardless of how threatened one feels, you cannot retaliate with greater forces.

A CNN affiliate reports that Martin’s autopsy had showed that the teen did injure his knuckles when he died.  This evidence confirms the theory that Martin and Zimmerman fought.  This leaves the case being unsolved because the question of “Who was the agressor?” cannot be answered.  Did Zimmerman in fact “lose Trayvon” (as told on the phone with the operator) resulting in him being attacked by Trayvon?  Had Martin been the stereotypical “black teenager that was up to no good” roaming around the neighborhood which justifies Zimmerman’s claim?  Or was Zimmerman drugged up and found himself being racist towards Trayvon Martin who, at the time, was walking back from the store on the phone with his then-girlfriend, minding his own business?

Confusion is still very present in this case.  And quite frankly, I don’t think that Zimmerman even remembers what happened or he simply doesn’t care.  But as said before, the case is closer to being solved.  And when that occurs all of America will be aware of what kind of men Martin and Zimmerman were.  Until then, leave comments below on any updated information you may have found out that I may have missed out on.

Enough Said,

Dr. O

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