Cyberspace Love Connection

Have you ever heard a scenario like this one before?

My boyfriend and I have really been on the rocks lately. We’re always arguing over the stupidest things. Its gotten to the point where we hardly ever speak to each other anymore outside of the generic¬† greetings and “I’ll be back later”.¬† So needless to say I was getting pretty lonely. I already routinely check Facebookabout twice a day but since I haven’t been able to communicate¬† with my boyfriend, I’ve started logging on more and more throughout the day.

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During my lunch time FB time, I received a friend request from this guy about a week ago. We’ve been “chatting” throughout the day in between work and most of the night since we befriended each other. We haven’t officially met yet but I definitely think something amazing is happening between us. I believe it is so much that I’m thinking about dumping my current emotionally absent boyfriend so I can kick things into high gear with my new online love, David LoveNuts Johnson!

Sounds a little ridiculous right? Yet sadly it’s a very real issue. So much so, that I’ve even coined a phrase for it, Facebook Follies. From the above paragraph you know that this girl is obviously “looking for love in all the wrong places”. People shouldn’t turn to Facebook or other social networking sites as a means for comfort in a rocky relationship.

If your partner makes you angry or stressed, and there’s no communication within the relationship, you might retreat to sites like Facebook for comfort and it may act as a drug to boost your mood. The problems that come along with cruising Facebook in an attempt to cheer you up is what I call Facebook Follies. If an attractive Facebook friend is usually available for chatting at your most vulnerable moments, who’s to say that you won’t slip and develop a real or imaginary relationship with him/her?

Don’t turn to the internet as a remedy to solve relationship problems. Seek help from professionals who are trained to deal with such issues. Do you know of someone who has fallen prey to a “cyberspace love connection”? Tell us about it, we want to hear from you.

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