It’s Complicated

The Facebook “It’s Complicated” description of a relationship is the popular answer for those that don’t really know where they are in their real-life relationship.  However, this phrase is really just an umbrella for a shower of scenarios. Perhaps you’re separated but still living together. Maybe you have that special “buddy” who you only see at certain times of the day (wee hours of the morning) or maybe you enjoy the alternative lifestyle of an “open” relationship. See what I mean by a shower of scenarios? It’s certainly easier to just spit out “it’s complicated” when someone asks if you’re available or to just select it on social networks as your relationship status.

As women, I think one of the main qualities we look for in a relationship is stability, so the gray area of a complicated one can throw us for a loop at times. Some women may adopt the “it’s better than no relationship at all” attitude while others may simply enjoy the flexibility and non-exclusiveness of the concept.

No judgment here. Just be sure to set the appropriate boundaries that are right for you and make sure that you have your best interest at heart above all else.

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-C. Michelle

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