How to Be a Better Lover in Your Relationship

Everyone involved in a relationship wants it to have the best possible outcome. After all, the ultimate goal for the majority of serious relationships is for them to have longevity. So how do you ensure that you’re giving it all you’ve got in your current or future relationship?

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Here are a few tips:

  1. Recognize your personal weaknesses and conquer each of them on your own. Don’t take old baggage from a past relationship and plunk it down in a new relationship.
  2. Stop being dependent on your mates (past or present) for an identity, because you need to develop your true identity yourself.
  3. Don’t reveal your vulnerabilities to your partner until you are sure you can trust them with such sensitive information.
  4. Always be true to yourself. Don’t change your personality, physical appearance or behavior for any man or woman.

For the full list on How to Be a Better Lover in Your Relationship, purchase my new book, “Am I in a Bad Relationship?”. In the mean time, think about what made your own relationship past or present run smoothly and feel free to share some insight.

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