Just Brush it Off, It’s Not Always That Serious

Most men do their best to try and please their women with the whole “if she’s happy, then I’m happy” bit. Normally, most partners want each other to be equally happy in their relationship, but let’s admit it ladies, because the truth will set us free, nobody is usually happy if we’re not able to have what makes our world go round. “A happy wife makes for a happy life” and when we don’t get at least some of the things we desire, we make our unhappiness known in some way.This sign of unhappiness could be as subtle as not getting your hubby’s dry cleaning for a week or as severe as throwing a chair across the room that’s purposefully directed at his head.

Take myself for example, a petite five foot presumably quiet and non-confrontational individual who appears a non-threat to almost anyone. Nine times out of ten, I’m high on life and just a naturally cheerful person, but then there’s that one day or someone that knows every button and function on my mood remote and just how to use them. Unless it’s some catastrophic issue that requires my head to spin, I’ll more than likely just let whatever the problem is go, just “brush it off.” However, (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this) after the issue has repeated itself a few times with the same results, I automatically began to raise an eyebrow, an annoyed tone of voice starts to surface, a stern face with a tight mouth manifests and the not so flattering, most likely offensive opinions in my head, may start to flow out of my mouth in addition to whatever other female behavioral instincts that may arise. Needless to say, the people closest to you always know the best ways to annoy you. Your boyfriend knows you hate it when he leaves pee on the floor. Your wife knows you can’t stand it when she tells you to run errands at the last minute. Don’t cut holes in their shirts or steal all her silverware to get back at them. It’s okay. Trivial matters are not worth blowing up over all the time. Find a solution that will work for the both of you. Sweep your sock across the floor to wipe the pee up before you leave the bathroom and leave a “to-do” on his dresser the night before. Problem solved!

Have you ever asked yourself why or even how for that matter, you could’ve done what you did to the person you love out of spite? Tell us about it! In the mean time, check more relationship advice in Dr. O’s new book “Am I in a Bad Relationship?”.

-C. Goggins


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