Are Teachers About to be Armed and Dangerous?

In the wake of the Newtown shootings, the nation is on edge in regards to safety measures for schools. More officers are being placed in and around school buildings, security elsewhere has picked up and surveillance is more prevalent to help ensure American kids that this is a safe place to be. However, schools in Virgina and Tennessee may be taking their safety precautions to the next level with the use of armed teachers.

According to Black Media Scoop, Virgina delegate Robert G. Marshall, is proposing to require a select few of teachers and or staff to carry concealed weapons. His law would require staff members to obtain permits and be trained in safety. A similar plan is being proposed by State Sen. Frank Niceley for Tennessee. BMS reported that his plan “would require all schools to have at least one armed staffer, preferably a secretly-armed teacher—so that a gunman wouldn’t know who was armed”.

I understand states wanting to explore all their options to help make sure that another school slaughter doesn’t happen again. Yet,  like always, there are some extreme risks involved with guns and children or anyone for that matter. I would personally prefer Sen. Niceley’s plan of having a secretly armed teacher, that way the children wouldn’t see any difference in their daily routine should something happen.

Even if these two states managed to successfully hide their weapons from students, eventually someone would slip up. For instance, a teacher may forget to properly adjust his/her clothing one day, therefore exposing the gun. It could trigger fear that the teacher is going to harm them or enough curiosity to try and touch or grab the gun. Another thing to consider is the mental health of the individuals chosen to carry the weapons. Something that was intended for safety purposes could again be used as a tool to take lives if in the wrong hands. For example, a teacher dealing with depression or some other mental illness, could try and use the gun on themselves during their off hours or God forbid, in the school.

Armed teachers is something to consider but I believe there should be a rigorous qualifying process before any staff member is chosen to carry a weapon. We can’t control others actions, good or bad but we can control the process and selection should these laws go into effect.

-Dr. O

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