RHOA Blindsided with Divorce Papers

New comer Atlanta house wife, Porsha Stewart, 31, is allegedly getting divorced after her former NFL husband, Kordell Stewart, 40, filed papers after barely two years of marriage last week. According to US Weekly, Stewart had no idea that her husband wanted to end the relationship. A source speaking about the situation told US Weekly that Stewart had postponed her own plans to divorce her husband because he had agreed to work on the marriage with her. Unfortunately for her, he beat her to the punch.

If you’ve been a faithful member to the franchise, you already have an idea of the relationship between Porsha and Stewart. On the show, Stewart appeared to be very controlling over everything Porsha did and she rarely opposed his instruction(many of you probably remember when Porsha told the cast that she was lucky her husband even let her come on the girl’s trip). Viewers also saw how much flak the other women gave her because of how her husband treated her. We also saw how much Porsha enjoyed her charity work and US Weekly reported that she expressed her desire to continue working with charities while being a wife and mother but Stewart allegedly told her that she had to choose (K. Stewart already has a child from a previous relationship).

Stewart also told viewers and cast mates that marriage was about honoring your man, your king and the source from US Weekly said “Her whole identity is about being a happy, obedient wife”, while another said she felt like a “prisoner”.

I’m all for a woman honoring her man and vice versa but I do agree that Porsha could have received a little more support and freedom from her husband. She appeared to be a decent enough wife on the show so why shouldn’t she be able to enjoy some of the things she liked to do? Then again, there are always two sides to every story, so what we saw on the cameras may not have been how it was everyday at home. Regarding the baby issue, fans saw how the two were trying  to have a baby, but if one party  wants a baby more than the other, or doesn’t really want one at all, those are the types of discussions that should be had before marriage. That way, both people can save themselves a lot of time by not going through the process of getting to know each other, dating and marriage if both don’t have the same outlook on their union.

What do you think about Porsha’s divorce? Did you like her and her husband as a couple? Was he too domineering?

Dr. O

Picture source: http://realitywives.net/blogs/porsha-stewart-kenya-moore-stalker/

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