Another Tragedy: 2 Year Old Baby Mauled to Death By Pit Bull Again Enough Already

I need some help. Someone stated long-long ago that dog was a man’s best friend. Is this true when it comes to pit bulls and all breeds of dogs? I don’t think so. I am not so sure and I am sure that this blog post may piss, yes I said piss some people off. How can a dog be man’s best-friend if the dog kills your child when you turn your back? Yesterday, this lady went to the bathroom and came back and now her child is gone. She is devastated and she will most probably blame herself. Her life will never be the same. Now I recall just a few months ago, a similar thing happening to a young lady in Griffin, GA. The baby did not die,  but both the pit bulls did some serious damage to this I think 9 year old little girl.

Here is the thing.

  • Animals (Dogs) will turn on people, just as people do
  • Parents don’t trust your babies and children around dogs (of any kind) unsupervised
  • Pets can be wonderful but you MUST be aware of the animal’s temperament
  • Safety should always be considered FIRST in every situation when it comes to your children
  • Pit Bulls just don’t have a good track record at this time.

I am very concerned about people who cannot process and understand the reality that it is what it is? This mother will forever be damaged and I just can’t imagine what her family, in particular, the baby’s father is thinking right now. Will they forgive her or be able to forgive her? Will this marriage survive this tragedy. I will share with you, usually after such tragedies where one parent can be blamed for the demise of a child, their is trouble down the road.

Do we simply choose to ignore what is happening every three-six months, or do we now take action. Change has to be born in the mind. It appears that maybe, some of the animals get jealous of the new “kids” on the block. After all, yesterday, the baby was two years old and the dog had been around for 8 years. I think the answers lies right there in what the problem could have possibly been.

I am sure that the animal lover’s will blow this post up but I don’t care. We are losing the lives of too  many innocent babies secondary to this same foolishness. I guess you may say, why I am I so fired-up about it? Well, here it goes so prepare yourself.

  1. Isn’t there a difference between a house pet and a pet that has to be maintained in different quarters?
  2. Don’t animals, especially dogs and cats, give you small cues that they may be jealous of your child?
  3. Can’t  you gauge the temperament of your animal?
  4. Do we, as humans, believe in “lessons learned?”
  5. Does it have to happen to you before you are a believer?

All I can say is parents please take inventory. Enough of this foolishness already. Take care of your children. What happened yesterday is simply traumatic for all of us.

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