Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA): Truth or Dare Part I

No matter what we may say or think, the ratings prove that someone in America is in love with these ladies. Are you? My impressions have certainly changed over the last couple of years LOL Now this post will be a three part series so you will have to stay tuned to hear exactly what i have to say. Now, first I have to confess. Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. I am glued to the television-BRAVO. Prior to RHOA, I had never even channel surfed this station. I usually only confine myself to about 5 stations total and I only have cable for clarity and not options. Here are a couple of questions:

1. Is what we see really true of a few ladies in the Atlanta area?
2. Do we really like a little drama, especially if it is NOT our own?
3. Are some of the story lines relatively true?
4. Is human behavior relatively consistent throughout various cultures?
5. Do you wish you too could be one of those ladies in the spotlight?

We really have to ponder the above questions before drawing any quick answers. And really, in my opinion, some of the story lines are true. Some people say that it is scripted. I don’t quite agree with this because their is a little too much emotion attached to some of the bickering and conflicts. There are basically three types of conflicts known to man; 1) Man against Man, 2) Man against Himself and finally 3) Man against Nature. These ladies do a wonderful job hitting all three. Let me give you a good quick reference.

Kenya Moore Vs. Porsha Stewart

Man against Nature
They did a very good job handling the heat of Africa and the winds of Antigua. I actually enjoy going on the travels with them through their fantasy. It is good to see them getting outside of the walls of the country/nation of Atlanta.

Man against Himself
There are several examples of this conflict. I am not so sure where Kenya is at this time. She seems to be having some difficulty fitting in on the show so she has developed a character that we particularly love to hate. I am not familiar with her from being Ms.America or USA whichever one it was or is. This is the first I ever knew of her and she is truly attempting to demand as much attention and respect as the other ladies. Is she successful?

Man against Man
There are several examples of this and I will delve a little more into this area when I do the character analysis with my next posts. 1) NeNe vs. Kim is probably the most profound. The hug that we saw last week was interesting. I will comment more on this one later. 2) Phaedra vs. Kenya seems to be embedding in the challenge of body parts but this conflict is probably a little deeper than this especially with the alleged text messaging that Apollo is doing with Kenya. (Somebody say fireworks) and 3) Kandi vs. Kim is one that deserves some attention and discussion. Although I have not specifically mentioned Cynthia or Porsche don’t think that they are left out of life’s struggle. I will certainly talk about their conflicts a little more when i specifically look at their characters.

Believe it or not, these ladies we love to hate or hate to love. They keep our attention and will have another season. It also appears that several of them are getting spin-off shows so kudos to them and I ain’t mad. Now Married to Mess, I mean Medicine deserves a whole separate blog-post but I am a bit disappointed in the behavior of those women. I can not recall, a physical fight on RHOA ever. Did I miss that or something? I don’t thinks so. The ladies on RHOA usually give us drama with Class. Heart-Break with a touch of elegance and fantasy with sizzle. Overall, I guess you can tell I like the show. Stay tuned for my character analysis next post.

Thanks for stopping by. Now if you have any questions in particular about how I see this series, please leave them on the site, and I will answer them in this series.

I hope you enjoyed the clip. What do you think. Do you also love to hate the women on Real Housewives of Atlanta? By the way,most of them actually work.


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