Fan Pulls Beyonce’s Hair During Concert

Beyonce is known for her hair raising performances, but her recent performance of “Halo” takes the cake. While the songstress was belting out the ballad, a fan grabbed a chunk of her weave and held on for dear life! By fan, I don’t mean a person obsessed with the life and music of the star. I mean a fan…like an actual fan, a wind generating machine. Like a true professional, Beyonce continued singing the song and never missed a note. As a matter of fact, after the incident, she went and penned a comical poem to explain what happened. Set to the beat of “Halo” she wrote, “Gravity can’t begin to pull me out of the fan again.”

This isn’t Beyonce’s first on stage blunder. In 2007 at a concert, “King B” was performing “Ring the Alarm” and during a series of  hair slinging, weave whipping and mane flipping, she lost her balance and fell down 15 or so stairs. As she always does, she continued singing and dancing and never missed a beat. Rock on Beyonce!

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