Should Pastors Reveal their Sexuality to the Church?

I usually don’t shy away from controversial topics but this one sort of knocked me down a bit. I received a phone-call asking me to participate in a panel discussion about the evolution and recolution of Pastors, Sexuality and the Church in the 21st Century. I then askd the chief commentator, “Just what will be discussing in relation to this topic?” She then replied, “the Sexuality of Pastors.” I then asked, “Well, just how long will we stay on the blog-talk-radio?” She said, “Oh about an hour.” I then replied, “Let me get back to you on this one.”

Now, usually I jump right in with both feet on a controversial topic, however this time I just really had not thought about this issue. Being pentecostal. we are trained and taught to keep our sins hidden and under the cover. However, usually they have a way of escaping in the middle of the night. (If you know what I mean) After some thought, I began to ponder just what impact does knowing this information have on the one deliverign theowrd if he/she presents himself to the congregation with integrity? About an hour lady, the pushy lady called me back and told me that she really needed the psychologicall impacts of a Pastor’s sexuality on his parish.  Being that she was so aggressive I responded, “Maim I don’t know what a parish is except in New Orleans when I go to the annual Saints vs. Falcons football game. She reponded, “You are a liar and afraid to share the information with the people!” She then asked me, “What are you trying to cover up and do tou have any issues in this area?” I was breathless!

I told her this, “I would now be dicontinuing this phone-call and if you call back, I am going to give you the answers to every question that you may have about me and yourself.” She then hung-up. Now, I need some help readers. DId I handle this situation appropriately? Should I have just chimed in generically on such a controversial topic? Or should I have done a little more research before placing myself out there which should a sensitive issue. Let me hear from you.

As you can see, I didn’t answer the questions of the blogpost?  So tell me what your opinion is on this hot topic.  Should Pastors reveal their sexuality in the pulpit?  Please do not shy away like I did.  In the meantime check out my new book “Am I in a Bad Relationship”.

Not Enough Said,

Dr. O

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