Is Sex a Good Antidepressant?

“Is sex a good antidepressant?” has certainly been a hot topic and usually gets a lot of discussion. Have you ever heard the saying, “She really needs to get some!” This is what one might say about a really uptight  and pushy co-worker that appears unhappy. Well, is there any truth to this myth? I will let my readers draw their own individual conclusions. First, let just take a quick survey.

  1. Are you more happy when in a nice, peaceful and romantic relationship?
  2. Do you enjoy a night of hot, erotic sex with all the fixings?
  3. Have you ever left school or work for a “quickie” and came back to work and completed all your assignments to perfection.
  4. Have you ever had a hard day and work, was feeling a bit washed-out and that special person rang the phone/doorbell and a burst of energy came from somewhere.
  5. Are you more productive, like Stella, once you’ve got your groove back?

Now that you have taken that survey, you’ve probably got a smile on your face and really can’t wait to get off work. Nothing like afternoon tea. Research suggest that during hot, passionate and good sex endorphins are released and they certainly have an antidepressant  like effect. Now I am not suggesting that you stop your Prozac for a one-night stand with your spouse but a full treatment plan is usually needed for a patient to obtain optimal health.


So just a few take home points from DrO:

  • Love can be healing.
  • Misery loves company
  • A little dab might do when you are all hot and bothered
  • In marriage the bed ain’t defiled
  • Sometimes sleeping dogs need to be awakened

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to pick up my book. It has some other nice antidotes for the quiet, frustrated and unhappy lover in you!

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