Toni Braxton’s Wardrobe Malfunction

The people of Brunswick, New Jersey paid for a Toni Braxton concert. What they got was more like a burlesque act. While performing the famous song, “I Get So High”, the back of her dress was getting so low. Braxton, unaware of the wardrobe malfunction, continued singing and dancing as normal. Apparently, she didn’t feel that back breeze.

After several minutes, Braxton invited two men on stage to dance with her and like a true gentleman, one of the guys gave her his sports coat, which she wore. Soon after, her sister Trina came on stage in attempts to repair the droopy dress, to no avail. At first glance, it looks as though she is pretty much naked under the slinky garment, but further investigation proves that she is in fact wearing a nude body suit. TMZ obtained video footage of the entire malfunction.

On another note, the Braxton Family Values star will be performing in Atlanta on August 31st at Chastain Park Amphitheatre.


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