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This is a million dollar question. Earlier, I was in a discussion with Co-Pastor Teresa Goggins of Thy Kingdom Come International Ministries and she asked the question, “Why are so many youths between 18-26 years old, exiting the traditional Christian Church? Well, after some pondering I had to take a closer look at the question she placed out there for us to thin about today. I have one profound conclusion, many churches have ineffective youth ministries and therefore people are leaving. Research suggests that, the Muslim faith is currently the fastest growing faith in the African-American community.

Now after some pondering, here are a few suggestions that I think pastors should possibly take a look at to save their youth departments.
1. What issues are relevant to the youth in your church?
2. Is sex, drugs, and alcohol an issue among your youth?
3. Are your young people dealing with issues of bullying in their school or workplace?
4. Can your youth read the Bible or a newspaper?
5. Is effective communication taking place in the home between your young people and parents?

Bishops, pastors and youth leaders need to collect and then analyze this data. The world has changed but many of our churches have become almost dysfunctional. We don’t need another concert, but we do need some solid training and matter-of-fact conversation and disclosure.

The need for “Building Funds” is diminishing, because most of us can’t fill up the churches that we have on Sunday. Is your church in a crisis? Are your youth leaders competent, safe and can they pass a background check? There is a reason for the Exodus, but can we stop the flood? Are we ready to deal with the challenges of today’s youth? I am not convinced yet, but I would love to hear feedback from the readers.

Life challenges are now different, so we have to adapt to the changes. Why not check out the texts below for help in your youth department.

Take a look and learn more about at Co-Pastor Goggins’ ministry here.

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