Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa Workplace Dilemmas

Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa humorously touch on the topic in the video above.

The Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa Dilemma: Handling Sudden Changes in the Workplace.


Live with Kelly and Michael recently announced the departure of co-host Michael Strahan. Kelly Ripa was surprised when she heard that her co-host was leaving and starting on Good Morning America. She soon expressed feelings of betrayal and anger to the media saying she was informed after all deals were sealed. She returned to the show 3 weeks after finding out. Does Kelly have good reason for her emotional backlash?

There are some things that Ripa may be feeling right now that we all may be subjected to when things change in our workplaces.

  • The Feeling of Contempt

Ripa has been with the morning show for almost 26 years. Her allegiance and contribution to the company gives her a sense of entitlement. Obviously she expects a strong regard for her say in new ventures and unprecedented changes. After finding out the news, she probably wondered why she wasn’t given the opportunity to sit in on pertinent discussions. We all experience situations at work where we feel our opinion was not taken into account.

  • The Feeling of Betrayal

It goes without needing to be said that Ripa developed a strong relationship with her co-host. It is easy for her to perceive him leaving to go on to another morning as disloyalty. We, too, make friends with our coworkers. When they leave, we wonder how long the friendship will last and how our interests will differ.

  • The Feeling of Inadequacy

Strahan and Ripa revamped the Live Morning Show and views were booming! She admits to the possibility of her show being “slighted” in one way or another. When things seem to be going really well in the workplace, we may not understand how things will be when we lose those integral parts.

It is important to keep a strong mind and remain professional when unforeseen changes come our way in the work place. In the end, we are happy that Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa are positively moving forward. We encourage you to see similar challenges in your workplace as opportunities for growth!





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