Third Officer In Freddie Gray Case Acquitted of All Charges! What Does this Say About Our Legal System?

Third Officer In Freddie Gray Case Acquitted of All Charges!

Early yesterday morning, the third officer in the Freddie Gray case was found not guilty of having a part in Gray’s death. The third officer ¬†was the driver of the van in which the Gray was fatally injured. All officers so far have been found not-guilty.

Freddie Gray was a 25-year old arrested in Baltimore, MD for having what police say was an illegal switchblade. After his arrest he was placed in a van for transportation to the local precinct. He died from  spinal and head injuries shortly after arriving at a trauma center. Before Gray died, he expressed the need for medical attention and fell into a coma.

If you’re unfamiliar with police brutality and its new trend in our country, then you may say, well if he was only driving the van why should he be convicted of murder? Well if this was the driver of a getaway car of a premeditated murder would you say the same thing? I can only imagine that screams and pounding that he heard while sitting up front.

We’re not here to say what someone deserves, but we aren’t blind to the pattern that perpetuates the stigma “police can do whatever they want.” If it upsets the entire community , it needs to be examined. So many people are wrongly convicted for crimes and it seems like injustice in this country has its favorites.

Sadly, our justice system doesn’t understand that this strong disregard for the people who are affected by these crimes, results in an emotional backlash from the community. We recently spoke on the Ferguson Effect and how some people respond to injustice through violence and suffering. We pray the city of Baltimore finds solace. We send our love and peace to the family and friends of Freddie Gray.

Will anyone ever pay for this crime?

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