Motivational Blogging: Lesson One Fear vs.Failure

Motivational Blogging is a new platform that is launching this year. We will began challenging readers to think “outside of their boxes” with the hopes of achieving some of the passions, desires and goals.  Many of us are trapped in our own desolate places. Your dry season can be over, if you choose to water your dreams. Are you up for the challenge or do you want to continue to struggle?

Ground Rules for engaging:

  • This particular blog “platform”  is NOT for entertainment purposes
  • Working smarter and not harder is a “serious” lie. (dismal the rumor)
  • Good things don’t just come “automatically” to those who wait.
  • No failures are required for success is another lie.
  • There is absolutely no shame is being self-made.

Many of us need to self-motivate. We need to tell ourselves that the dream can be actualized. What are you feeding your spirit? A bunch of hearsay or are you really challenging your own status quo.

Key words for today: Fear

Fear: This is a good thing. Why I am sure you may ask. Repeat the fallowing short scripts:

  • I am afraid of being broke
  • I am afraid of allowing my dream to be continuously deferred
  • I am afraid of never taking a vacation
  • I am afraid that I will always have to work for somebody else
  • I am afraid that I will never go to the International Terminal of the Airport

Those sound pretty bad. However did you check even one of those, it is time for you to make some serious changes. Life is not over until your die. Do you have any breath left? Let’s do this.


Key Word for today: Failure

Failure is not a bad thing!

This words sounds tragic.  However, most of the so-called successful people have had a failure or two or three. Just ask them. If they are sincere and truthful, they’ll probably let you know that the demons of their past simply helped to propel them into a successful future.

Now that you have learned two new word, please of home and study all of this new, but old material. You will be tested soon.

See you on your journey to success,

Homework: Become successful

Any questions of today’s homework lesson? Post below and I promise to respond.

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