Red Flag Warning Issued for Atlanta Tomorrow.

Red Flag Warning Issued for Atlanta Tomorrow.

A red flag warning has been issued to the cities of Atlanta, Canton, Rome, Elijay, Athens, Gainesville, Canton, Griffin, LaGrange, Eatonton, and nearly all of North Georgia.

Well what is a “red flag warning?”

A red flag warning occurs when weather predictions are conducive to spontaneous combustion in a concentrated area. It is basically a fire threat. So, things will catch fire if a present chemical reaction allows for it given high winds. Tomorrow the winds in the listed areas will reach over 15 mph leaving them vulnerable to radical fire. The dry and windy weather conditions can result in the development of fire.

Here are some tips for those in areas that have been issued a red flag warning:

  • Refrain from burning debris outside. 

  • Do a thorough check of your property for anything flammable.

  • Try to stay indoors if you can.


I know it sounds weird GA residents, but it important to stay safe at all cost. With this warning, we urge you to prepare for the worst. These dry and fiery circumstances can result in the rapid spread of fire. 

Take heed to this warning and spread the word. Also, if this is your first time hearing of flag warnings, we advise you to do research so that you are well informed on what could happen in your area.

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