Untamed Grief: Loss of a Loved One

Grief can sometimes be almost untamed and unbearable. What is worse, it sometimes never goes away. People say, “Honey you’ve got to move on.” Then some may reply, “I know what you are going through.” Your response should be, “No, you don’t!” Remember, the depth of the grief is directly proportional to the depth of the relationship. Yes, that is why you still miss Moma. No, you probably won’t have another fun Father’s Day since you father has transitioned. Don’t let people try to tell you how to experience your emotional pain.

It is perfectly okay to remember loved ones who have gone on. The emotions attacked to those memories can be fun, happy, sad, painful and everlasting. However, you may experience them, they are still there and present. If you are a human, you most likely have the capacity to feel. They are a few of us that are more sensitive than others, and that is okay. You may find yourself riding down the road and thinking about Mom or Dad and the tears start to flow. That is alright. Yes, you miss that grandma who made that special peach cobbler or sweet tea on Easter Sunday. That is also okay. It is alright to love and alright to feel.

How do you get over the loss of a loved one. You don’t. You simply get use to it, but most of us never really get over them. We will always smell them in the back of our minds. They weill always have that special place in our hearts. We get that special sense of reassurance when we feel like they are they or looking over our shoulders. We can forge through a difficult time when we sense the “peace” of knowing that the are and will be always on our side. Yes, they had that unconditional love. That is why we loved them and miss them. Untamed Grief and all that bad we placed into perspective.

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