Walking Through Your Storm…Depression

Depression is a storm. It is not like most storms, it does not just pass over real easy. It can linger awhile. Sometimes, when you think that it is gone, it’s back. Just like that without any warning of its burden. The hope for the dismissal of its pain, depression, ain’t no easy cross to bare. The storm does pass over but usually the residue that remains sort of reminds us of a past that can haunt our future.

Yes, we have therapies and medication to treat the storm of depression. However, I must share that the pain is real. This disease has been called out as a “black hole.” It can also be referred to as an “inferno” with very little peace. Many patients endure it for years. They come for years to therapy, with the hopes of getting better. Many do get better. They are a few that may lose hope, but the struggle is real.

I would be remise to tell you that everyone gets out safe. There are some that are trapped by their past trauma. They eventually do get out, but only after they allow their minds to become free. Yes, they can rise and say farewell to their pain. Sometimes, their bones still feel the chill of the air from the past. It is hard to shake-off what pain there may be from childhood. Yes, it may be difficult to picture yourself in a sea of lilies of the field in the color purple. Yes, it may be difficult to picture yourself on a yacht in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. There is freedom from your storm if you believe that you can be free. The challenge of most people is that they choose to stay locked in the shadows of their past pains and sorrows.

You can be free when you except the joy that comes with your own inner peace.

“Weeping May endure for a night but Joy Cometh in the morning.” (Psalms 30:5)

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