Love Triangles (Relationship 101 series)

Many of us have fallen prey, at one time and hopefully not another, to the dreaded “Love Triangle.” First, I am sure you are wondering what I consider to be an active “Love Triangle.”   Here is my definition: Love Triangle: When there is an intimate relationship knowingly or unknowingly, between three individuals , which all parties may or may not have been aware of at the time of  its inception.

Here is the thing, many of you were unaware that your lover was married or already in a “supposedly” committed relationship.   Also, many of you would have  never entered into a relationship, if you knew  just a few more facts, before that first sexual encounter(s). Sex can be addictive for many believe it or not.   However, there are a couple of you that are active home-wreckers.   You knew exactly what you were doing the moment  you saw the ring, on the finger, of your love interest.  This is something that YOU do on a regular basis.

Yes, there are persons that feel safe in relationships with married people.   They say, “You know exactly what to expect and there are really no more suprises.”   Yes, it sounds crazy but be yea advised that there are some people who only date married people.   I don’t need to belabor this point because many of you have a friend(s) that falls into this category.

Love Traingles can be a problem for the following reasons:

  • STDs
  • Unwanted Pregnancies
  • Divorce
  • Abuse and Neglect
  • Depression and Suicidality
  • Physical Aggression

If you are in a Love Triangle, I realize that it may not be easy to “break-out.” However, this week I am hoping that we get a couple of testimonies that proves it can be done. I will also provide you with a prescription to get out of this dangerous situation. However, once you are out, you have to stay out of this type of relationship. This may be a problem for some of you in major US cities. (Atlanta, D.C., Chicago, Houston and New York)

Also, if you are in an illicit love affair and your self-esteem is low, go to//

Stayed tuned this week for:

  • Ten effective ways to break-up
  • Recycled Emotions
  • I’m tired of being the victim
  • I know that he is CHEATING!
  • How to get rid of Parasitic Friends
  • No More LOANs
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