Pitfalls to Being in the Wrong Type of Relationships: Part I

Physical, Sexual and Emotional Abuse

Any form of abuse is unacceptable at anytime. However being engaged in the wrong type of relationship can lend itself to vulnerabilities in this area. The source of the abuse will likely be from projected anger. The defect is usually found in the aggressor and not the victim.

Physical Illness

The root to a lot of biological diseases, or what psychiatrist calls Axis III Disorders, lies in underlying stress and conflict. Unresolved conflicts can certainly manifest themselves as physical maladies. Hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, and even annoying skin problems like rashes and hives, have all been tied to mental stress and conflict.

Financial Problems

Oftentimes, we make financial commitments with the people we love. Examples would be a new home mortgage, co-signature for cars, and credit cards. One should be sure to only get involved financially after legal marriage. Day in and day out, I have seen situations where one partner has left the other holding the bag. As a result, foreclosure and bankruptcy become almost inevitable. This happens in both legal and common-law marriages, also known as “shacking up”.

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