How To Reduce Baby Mama Drama – Relationship 101 Series

1. Don’t be confrontational in interactions; remember to  keep the relationship collegial.
2. Do not try to mix business with pleasure (this means DO NOT have sex with your baby mama).
3. Limit the timing of face-to-face and phone interactions.
4. Call at appropriate times of the day (9:00a – 8:30p).
5. Don’t expect to change the person; it will only make your situation worse.
6. Watch your tone and choice of words with the other parent.
7. Remember that you are communicating only for the best interest of the child.
8. Do not bring your old excess baggage into the conversation. Get an evaluation for depression if you need it.
9. Don’t challenge the primary parent’s decision-making in front of the child.
10. Ask appropriate and non-threatening questions.
11. Do not request casual sex when extra money is needed for YOUR child.
12. Do not try to manipulate your child’s other parent in any way!

Although these are key instructions for successfully avoiding drama in the relationship, each parent should check out their mental status before trying to resolve deeper and ongoing issues. One of you may have undiagnosed feelings of depression, anxiety or schizophrenia.  This is no joke!

How helpful is this article in remedying stressful situations like baby mama drama? What would you think works better when dealing with this issue? Let me know what you think on the blog!

Check your evaluation at: Dr. Owens, M.D. Pre-Screen Mental Health Assessment

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