Relationship Tidbits for Summer 2010 (Love and Happiness Series by Dr.O)

1. Create your own inexpensive Summer Fun June-August (several events per month)
2. Schedule date-nights: the backyard, local amusement parks or a local ice-cream shop
3. Exchange forget-me-nots that are under ten dollars weekly on Mondays
4. Midnight Dollar Movie Madness on Saturdays
5. Chocolate candy bar exchange on Wednesdays
6. Exotic baths together with nice smelling gels and oils
7. Smooth Jazz and Oldies/But Goodies album night on Tuesdays (no CDS or MP3 players on this night)
8. Brief talks about where the both of you want the relationship to go (married or just dating)
9. One exotic flower surprisingly on the pillow before a night of making love on Fridays
10. A full body massage with the appropriate oil for your mate’s type of skin on Thursdays
11. Sunday Brunch at different places of choice and you know what day that should be on

Enough Said.

However be sure that neither of you are depressed.  Unrecognized depression is a source of contention in a lot of marriages and relationships.

Go here before you go on vacation:

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