10 Warning Signs of a Sex Addict: Relationship 101 Series

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The following list is not based on any scientific study, just practical considerations from one psychiatrist’s perspective.


1. You require several sexual episodes per day.
2. You have pornography in several different places (i.e. home, school locker and/or work).
3. Both male and female genders turn you on.
4. Your significant other often calls you a “freak.”
5. You have had a sexually-transmitted disease.(STD)
6. You have been caught having sex in cuturally inappropriate places (i.e. cars, churches, dressing rooms, etc.)
7. You have had to leave work, school or church to masturbate.
8. You are easily turned on by people in power, such as doctors, lawyers or pastors.
9. You do not require hygiene prior to sex.
10. Body odors in certain places turns you on, instead of off.

If you have answered yes to 5 or more the above, you should seek out professional help. Don’t be afraid to take action. If your significant other is in trouble so are you probably.

If you feel you need help dealing with the possibility of being a sex addict, please visit: Dr. Owens, M.D. Pre-Screen Mental Health Assessment

Do you feel that this list was complete? Did I leave anything out? Do you know someone who might be a  Sex Addict, but you are afraid to tell them? Let me hear from you anonymously.

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