Dr. Owens (AskDrO) Suggests “Ten Ways To Recognize Undercover Cheating!” (Part I)

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Many of you have been confronted with the issue of possible cheating by your spouse or mate. Because you don’t want to seem insecure or nagging, you have not really spoken up. The first question you may ask is, “When should I say something or confront the situation?”  If you take the test below and you score 50% or more….It is TIME for a discussion.

  1. Does your spouse/lover or mate feel uncomfortable with you  in intimate settings?
  2. Did he/she inadvertently forget to give you their new cell-phone number?
  3. Has he/she had more than 2 (no sex call-outs) headaches in one month?
  4. Are you currently  feeling more panicky and unsure about the relationship?
  5. Do you have to initiate ALL of the telephone interactions?
  6. Does he/she seem to be uncomfortable when the two of you are alone?
  7. Has he/she told you that  “I need some time/space” to get myself together?
  8. Have you violated trust and looked into his/her cell-phone and found a number dialed more  than yours?
  9. Is sex for less than 5 minutes lately?
  10. Does he/she FORGET that you made plans together for the weekend?

If you answered yes to five or more of the above questions, YOUR relationship is in trouble! Stay tuned for the next post on what you MUST do!

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