AskDrO says, “On the Job Sex! No!No!No!”

Just Don't Do it!

This is a nice new phenomena that is very old to many. There is a resurgence of female workers sleeping with their male bosses. What is even worse, many of their bosses are married.  Is this a form of depression or low self-esteem?  Is there something inherently wrong with both the male and female participants involved in this type of relationship?  The question is, “Why do women get involved with their bosses?” Now I have talked to a few confidential informants who gave me the following reasons:

  • “Married Men don’t require much and he is married.”
  • “This is a form of job security.”
  • “He does not require much.”
  • “I enjoy spending time with him.”
  • “His wife does not understand him.”
  • “Our relationship is strictly platonic.”

No matter how you slice it or dice it, this type of relationship is a no-no.   No matter how depressed, sad or lonely you are,  just cut it out.  If you begin to have inappropriate feelings for a supervisor and the feelings are mutual, you should  run like _ _ _!  Please take the advice of a well-trained Psychiatrist: when the relationship goes sour, so will the comfort level on your job. The mission will then become almost impossible once human resources gets involved. These relationships rarely end up positive. So take my advice and get out now!

Do you agree with the above list? Are there some reasons that I forgot? Are you dating your male/female boss? Is this phenomena present in your workplace? Let me here from you……


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