Do Long-Distance Relationships Work?

William Shakespeare once wrote “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Nowadays, more Americans are testing this theory through long-distance relationships, or an intimate relationship consisting of two people in love from a considerable distance. From overseas¬† troops to internet daters, long-distance love has been a prevalent figure in today’s relationship pool, even becoming a trend all its own. Amongst the younger generation, there is an estimated 4.5 million college couples who are in long-distance relationships, and even more, 3.5 million Americans are involved with long-distance marriages.

Despite producing impressive numbers in its “followings”, one question remains: DOES IT WORK? Sure, there are over 3 million long-distance marriages….but DO THEY WORK? After doing a little research, most people say NO, largely because of the amount of time and commitment needed, attention and financial resources needed to make it succeed (and let’s not forget patience)! BUT…for those who said YES…I was curious to know, what’s the secret behind a successful long-distance relationship? Here’s a few things they say to consider:

  • Make a timeline agreement. If the goal is to meet, move to be closer, or even to break up in 6 months, stick to the plan.
  • Be prepared for serious talk time. Whichever means is best for both parties (i.e. email, IM, texting, etc.) both parties have to be prepared and ready to spend extensive hours talking and communicating electronically.
  • Build a “trust fund”. Not only does distance make the heart fonder, but it also makes the mind revert. Because you are both apart, many “independence” tendencies will creep up, and a lot of free time will be filled by other friends and family. So DON’T GET ENVIOUS or ANXIOUS; they are simply “passing time” until the next time they will see you.

Do you believe in long-distance relationships? Do you have any advice for a young common trying to make this type of relationship work? Is infidelity a vulnerable point for these type of relationships? Let me here from you……



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