Dr.O Help! “I Have Never Had An Orgasm!”

This can be deadly on a relationship!

It is  a well known fact that only 30% of women, in America, orgasm regularly.  More than 48% of women actually fake their orgasms.   Over time, this may become a problem in any relationship.  I have been asked at least a dozen times to address this, from a psychiatric medicine approach, in a blog post.

False statements  that need to be corrected:

  1. Ladies “don’t” have orgasms! This is not true. However, only 30% of American Women experience this pleasure regularly.
  2. Orgasms make you a “whore!” This is not true but believe it or not this fiction is floating in society.
  3. Men are “turned off” when a woman has an orgasm during sex. It is actually quite the opposite. Most men get turned-on when thier partners experience an orgasm during the experience.
  4. Men should enjoy sex more than women. This is false and both partners should equally enjoy the experience.
  5. The vagina” dries out” after orgasm. This is false and actually makes no sense, but it is a rumor out there in oblivion.

Prescription by Dr.O for an orgasm:

  • Women know your bodies and share this information with your partner. Let them know what “turns you on!”
  • Hold-Up on the vibrator phenomena that is becoming very popular.
  • “Lower your inhibitions” and enjoy the “act of sex!”
  • Participate in “regular foreplay.”
  • Hold Up on the” excessive douching,” also. This process should be need-based.

I really hope that this post is helpful to many of you who requested the above data. Are you having problems obtaining an orgasm? Do you think that you may need some Sex Therapy?  Is sex uncomfortable for you? Have you ever had an orgasm?


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