Is Bishop Eddie Long Out of the Woods? AskDrO (case updates)

Although the numerous media discussions and banter are a little more quiet, as it relates specifically to the Eddie Long case, he is NOT out of the woods yet. Many of us have moved on from the intense-rhetoric of several weeks ago and some of us have even prematurely formed our very own opinions.  However, we are  all convinced by now that  “Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark”.

The specific issue of guilt or innocence has never really been a factor because this is “civil litigation.”  Now many of us attempt to go back-and-forth with whether or not this is exploitation of Bishop Long. Well, as grandmother use to say, “What is good for the goose is good for the gander!”

Here are the updates:

  1. Dwight Thomas, I believe,  is now a part of the defense team. In the beginning, I don’t think Pastor Long had any African-Americans as a part of his legal team.  He should consider hiring Phaedra Parks. She is an outstanding attorney whether we like her or not. This girl is smart.
  2. He has hired a private investigator, T.J. Ward for what this is not clear to me. His function is most probably to dig-up as much dirt as possible  to discredit his accusers.  This is an old time-tested tactic.
  3. The church has received a Sexual Harrassment Federal Lawsuit from a former female employee who alleges that she was harrassed by the head videographer.  She further alleges that he sent her pictures of his penis. She alleges that her complaints were minimized and never addressed.
  4. Several of the victims have allegedly received “death threats” and have therefore moved out of town. I can believe this because I personally have been cursed out , threatened and called several nasty names because of my blog posts.
  5. The church offerings are down and the church has experienced some furloughs of some of its employees. I am sure this is ONLY because of the economy. (Yea Right)
  6. And Finally, God is still God. No matter how we look at this or whose side we take, this has had a very “negative impact” on the Black Church. (Maybe even the White Church)

I must confess that I am presently more concerned about the mental health of the young men who came forth.   They all appear to be dealing with some Depression and or PTSD. Their lives will never be the same.  Their relationships will never be the same.   I am sure that Bishop Long will survive,  one way or the other.  He will never be seen the same by the  America church but does he really care? I don’t have the answer to that question, but parents don’t give your children over to anyone. Kill the sleep overs for now. If they are invited for out-of-country travel, ask questions.  Questions like, “What are the sleeping arrangements, who are the chaperones, and where will YOU be sleeping?” Parents/Guardians don’t believe the hype! The sexual abuse and molestation stuff is just about out of control.

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