Kanye West: Ingenious Or Insane?

After snatching the mic from famed country singer Taylor Swift, having the audacity to relieve himself on a dressing room floor and call it “naturally okay”, and contemplating suicide, the African-American community has reason to believe that our own beloved Mr. Kanye West is a little….well…..psychotic. In fact, there is now a small percentage of us doing the whole “told ya so” spiel. But, to what can we attribute his irrational and intolerable behavior?

Some people blame his mother’s death for his out of control behavior. Many believe that she was his last link to reality; when she passed away, his whole perspective of life inverted (if you have listened to his 2008 release 808’s & Heartbreak, a lot of his melodies are arresting, but melancholic). Additionally, some of the lyrics in his music are chilling, suggesting thoughts of suicide and self-mutilation.

So are all these disturbingly colorful works from from Mr. West a healthy form of release, or are there really some underlying issues with the rap superstar? Contemplating suicide is not to be taken lightly (and neither is urinating on someone’s dressing room floor), but West “re-nigged” those thoughts with a comforting rebuttal of, “I will not give up on life again” and goes on to say that he “feels a responsibility to make a meaningful contribution to pop culture and art”.

Kanye West walks a fine line between ‘genius’ and ‘insanity’. On which side of the line is he walking?

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